Little Learning is an early childhood development program with a focus on literacy. We introduce children to the wonderful world of literacy through a multi-sensory approach; our technique and small-group environment (five or six children per class) ensure that all types of learners benefit equally from the program. Little Learning is unique in that we focus not only on literacy, but also on the holistic development of each of our students. Building character, encouraging manners, and fostering creativity are integral parts of our curriculum. The Little Learning method is individualized with the ultimate goal of understanding how children learn, and who they are.


From the ground up, Founding Director Karen McLaughlin created Little Learning to effectively build the foundation of literacy in children, which ultimately promotes a love of learning and the ability to excel across all academic subjects. She is known for her collaborative approach not only in teaching, but also in truly understanding the whole child. Prior to founding Little Learning, Karen spent 12 years as Director of Marketing, Brand Development, and Licensing for several Fortune 500 companies. Unfulfilled by the success she experienced in the corporate world, Karen pursued her passion for studying the impact of early childhood literacy and child development. Karen has created an environment in Little Learning where children feel loved, safe, and heard. Her unique approach of addressing the whole child and her innate creative sensibility are integrated into each lesson and have become the cornerstone of the success of the Little Learning method.


Our mission is to ensure that every child at Little Learning associates learning with fun and to promote in each child a confidence in themselves as lifelong learners, and to provide parents with a comprehensive understanding of how their child learns.


At the heart of Little Learning is a fundamental understanding of children as individuals. Our goal is to make every child who comes through our doors feel heard, loved, and safe. Children who feel heard by those closest to them are better equipped to reach their unique and full potential in life.

Throughout a child’s time with us, their learning is continually individualized. The true and genuine self-confidence that each child gains through this individualization promotes their upward academic and social/emotional trajectory. We consistently build opportunities for our students to develop a growth mindset. With a growth mindset, children feel confident to tackle any and all challenges presented to them.

We believe strongly in the partnership between parents, educators, and all others who touch a child’s life in the early years. We empower parents with the tools to advocate for their children’s best interests, which has proven invaluable time and time again. It is through this collaborative approach that we can ensure the whole child is being supported to thrive.